Welcome! Dr Torsten Steinig at Sydney City Endo leads a friendly and enthusiastic team dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of endodontic care. At Sydney City Endo, there is no need to worry about seeing a different dentist every time - you can rest assured, Dr Steinig will be looking after you throughout the course of your endodontic(root canal)treatment.

No matter if you had endodontic treatment before, or if this is your first “root canal”, he and his team will make you feel comfortable and discuss the procedure with you in detail.

Modern technology makes for a safe and comfortable experience:

All treatments are carried out with the use of an operating microscope, for enhanced visibility and accurate analysis of the anatomy of your tooth.

We use digital radiography: Without having to wait for x-ray films to be developed, radiographs taken chairside are now available instantly on the computer screen. Digital radiographs reduce your radiation exposure by up to 90%, when compared to conventional radiographs. No film developing chemicals are used in this process, which benefits the environment.

Rather than using radiographs to accurately determine the length of your tooth, we use Electronic Apex Locators, which means less radiation exposure for you, while at the same time optimizing the treatment result.

If required, we will take a Cone Beam Scan on-site. This low-radiation technology creates a 3D image of your tooth, helping us to better understand and visualize complex anatomy. Cone beam technology allows us to better predict possible treatment outcomes, and to make a recommendation whether or not root canal treatment may be the best option for you.

We adhere to the highest standard in infection control, which includes use of disposable materials as well as tracking of reusable instruments, as required by the Standards AS/NZS 4815.

Questions? Please discuss any queries you may have with Dr Steinig, when you see him for your appointment.