Why choose Sydney City Endo

Thank you for considering Sydney City Endo. We consider the opportunity to work with you as a privilege, and will do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

We offer specialist endodontic care in our convenient city location, and comfortable environment.

We look after the full range of endodontic problems, from original root canal treatments, retreatments, resorptions, to patients in severe pain and patients having sustained traumatic dental injuries. IV sedation is available by prior appointment. We use Cone Beam CT where indicated.

We take pride in careful diagnosis and assessment of your patient’s treatment needs. Rest assured, we will take the time required to discuss the proposed procedures at length with your patient, and answer all questions your patient may have.

We strive to accommodate your patient’s scheduling preferences, and will endeavour to see patients in pain at very short notice, often on the day of initial contact.

It is our aim to seamlessly integrate your patient’s endodontic care with your treatment plan: You will stay fully informed at all times, either by email, mail or personal telephone call, whatever your preference. The comprehensive final report will include relevant radiographs and clinical images, if applicable. It can be delivered by email or by mail, as per your preference.

Here you find a case difficulty assessment form, a useful tool when deciding if a case can be treated in general practice, or may better be handled by a specialist.

Are you not sure if a case needs referral to the endodontist ? Give us a call, or send us an email, and the endodontist will be pleased to discuss his thoughts with you.


  • Here you can find our online referral form, for your convenience.
    • A referral form in pdf format is available for download and print. Download from here.
    • Alternatively you can just send us an email, detailing the specifics of the referral.

    In any event, please attach relevant radiographs.

    Are there details of a case which you would like to discuss with the endodontist directly? Please call the office, and the endodontist will attend to your concerns.

    Email us or telephone the office on (02) 9223 0407 if you would like for us to mail you a referral pad and business cards for your patients.